Junior Cyber Security Threat Response Analyst



Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

We provide advanced and innovative cyber security protection services for a wide range of clients, using sophisticated means to detect and manage technical security incidents.

As part of our Incident Response team, you will be responsible for monitoring identifiers and suspect activity that indicates a potential security incident. This will make use of intrusion prevention systems, vulnerability scanning tools and malware forensics.

You will be expected to have:

  • A computer science degree (or similar) or two years' experience working in a technical environment (e.g. IT Department or electronics engineering)
  • Good attention to detail
  • A genuine interest in technology and technical security
  • An awareness of networking principles, including TCP/IP, DNS etc. and commonly used internet protocols such as SMTP, HTTP etc.
  • Knowledge of intrusion detection systems and methods of security hacking/penetration testing
  • An understanding of malware triage and the methods used to determine whether an identified file exhibits potential malicious intent
  • An understanding of threat hunting data sources such as process execution logs, DLL loading events, Windows event logs, network traffic logs, etc
  • A basic understanding of Windows internals around processes, threads, DLLs, virtual memory
  • Working knowledge of at least one scripting languages (e.g. Python.)

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Junior Cyber Security Threat Response Analyst
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