Who We Are

At Southern Lights, being different is the norm. Unlike many recruitment agencies, we’re not pushy, greedy or self-serving. We just want to get the right people into the right job.

Because we believe you should be good at what you do... and decent as you go about it.We’re a small(ish) IT recruitment agency that punches above its weight.

We fill positions right across the UK, but mainly in the South West, where we’re based. Our remit covers everyone from graduates to Chief Technical Officers — and most IT jobs in between.

Our Team

  • Photo of Ben

    Ben is a silver-haired, heavily-bearded, gin-drinking, Lego-playing, food-loving, rugby-worshipping Welshman in Bristol. When he’s not renovating houses or buying vintage trainers, he’ll be exploring the South West with his wife and two children. IT recruitment? Oh yeah…

    Ben’s our Director and Principal Recruiter. A specialist in software development (including all flavours of Microsoft, JavaScript and PHP technologies), he’s spent ten years pairing perfectly suited professionals to start-ups, SMEs and FTSE 100 companies. And he does it with scary determination, human understanding and complete commitment.

  • Photo of Martin

    Martin supports Liverpool FC but is Scottish. You can tell because he loves haggis with his Sunday roast. When he’s not living up to national stereotypes, you’ll find him lost in the countryside on his bike, doting on his young boy or indulging in his bottomless love of ‘90s hip-hop. He actually DJ’ed back in the day (when ‘90s hip-hop was just called hip-hop).

    As his wonderful new beard attests, Martin has vast experience in senior IT recruitment in the South West. Seventeen years, to be precise – nine of which have been as a Director. This expertise shows in his ability to build strong, fruitful relationships at all levels, and in his productive contract negotiations. He’s a good guy to have on your side.

  • Photo of Joe

    Joe used to make his own martial arts DVDs. They were not good. Thankfully for the IT market, he found a new passion: bending over backwards to help candidates and clients find each other. When he’s not doing that, he’s busy singing the praises of his hometown (Bristol), cheering on his rugby team (Bristol) or dragging his family along to explore his favourite food scene (Bristol).

    Joe’s now been specialising in the software and business analyst markets for over 18 years. And though he works in the cutting-edge world of IT, it’s his old-school people skills – he forges strong, honest and open relationships with everyone he encounters – that keep clients and candidates coming back for more.

  • Photo of Nick

    Before a back injury changed his plans, Nick had a budding career in midwifery. Now, in between playing with his cutting-edge toys, he just delivers on-the-money IT recruitment solutions. When he’s not at work, spending time with his family or exploring the virtual realm, he ventures outside to workout, swim, cycle and indulge in some low-impact drinking.

    Not that you’d know it from his childlike enthusiasm, but Nick now has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, spanning IT, telcos and digital marketing, with roles covering 360 recruitment, RPO and client relationship management. What else? Erm… he was an extra in Nuns on the Run and considers himself a red wine influencer. No, us either.

  • Photo of Rory

    In another life, Rory was a farmer. Or a horse trainer. Or an explorer. Point is: Rory has a lot of passions. Luckily for us, one of those is helping people in DevOps, security and open source development to make the right career move. Something he’s been doing for more than eight years.

    Raised in Devon and Dublin, and a self-described gym-going-mongrel, Rory knows a thing or two about giving everything to get results. If there’s a sector that’s scarce of candidates, he’s the man to count on for success. He just won’t stop until it’s done.

  • Photo of Dafydd

    Dafydd wears size 16 shoes. He also competes in 10k runs. Not to belittle his big achievements, but you could argue he’s almost finished before he’s started. Another area where he never comes up short is in sourcing those particularly hard to find candidates and filling difficult roles. A strength that’s helped him to quickly establish his name in the industry.

    Before recruitment, Welsh-rugby-conspiracist Dafydd worked in the IT reseller channel, working with everyone from large NHS trusts and global publishers, to TV personalities and also start-ups. So it’s no surprise his knowledge of the industry is second to none. But what might shock you is that Dafydd can be bribed to do almost anything with pizza. Anything.

  • Photo of Toby

    Toby has a degree in Wildlife Documentary Production. But, not content with exploring the UK’s diverse wildlife (pigeons), he decided to travel the world, trying his steady-hand at tree surgery and enjoying a short stint in TV along the way. It wasn’t until 2015 that he found his true calling: supporting the South West IT market.

    He now applies his trained eye to spotting perfect opportunities for all types of software developers and all types of clients: agency, internal and RPO. And, just as he spends time outside the office running (two half marathons…he counts them as a whole one), he goes to extraordinary lengths to help people reach their goals.

  • Photo of You?